MS Dhoni Cricket Academy - MSDCA is an institute of Aarka Sports

MS Dhoni Cricket Academy - MSDCA is an institute of Aarka Sports which comes of a simple thought of “giving back” from MS Dhoni and Mihir Diwakar and is completely set to transform the standard of coaching and development of cricket in India and abroad. Equipped with all modern technology, high class coaching facility & certified coaches MSDCA is spreading its centers to every corner of India & abroad.

Aarka Sports was established in 2014 has focused on sports management and sports consultancy services in India and Abroad. Aarka Sports is founded by Mihir Diwakar, a sportsman himself. Mihir was part of India U-19 World Cup winning team and has performed at the highest level to relate to the needs and wants of Sports and Sportsperson. Aarka Sports is his extension of creating excellence in sports.

Core Belief of MSDCA “To become a successful cricketer one needs to develop decision making confidence, the ability to perform under pressure and adaptability to different environments as well as your cricket techniques and skills. MSDCA Cricket Coaching Program’s methodology involves a lot of game sense and practical activities, with its focus on developing a participant’s ability to perform during a match and not just in the nets.” MSDCA Cricket Coaching Program promotes the importance of developing quality cricketers as well as people who are leaders, have strong team work capabilities, strive for excellence and display sportsmanship and fair play.

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